Discografia Penis Barbecue Devin Townsend

Devin Townsend (6:11)

ISWC: T-914.312.182-8

Music by Bennici, Brunello, Indriolo, Numa, Squarcina & Tiengo
Lyrics by Numa

Devin Townsend Lyrics

D-E-V-I-N T-O-W-N-S-E-N-D, end.
Just the name will tell you who
Is the Artist we all like,
The inspirator of this crazy song:
Another kind of guitarist,
The full force of a steel fist
We all hope he will play so long!

RIT. (x2) Don’t stop!
Devin you play at the top,
through the shame of pop,
Your music’s not a flop.
Your cds are so cool.

We like the sound made by you: so strange, so fool.
This song we play in the key,
of “C Major” and we think
You could like the Lydian mode we use.
Just wanna say “SAsaSAsa”:
it means nothing, just for laugh
‘cause I had no more rhymes in mind!

RIT. (x2)

sezione strumentale

RIT. (x2)

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From 2017, Publishing by Ossigeno Srl.