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My Band Sax

◔ 4:09

ISWC: T-914.312.185-1

Concept by Bennici, Indriolo, Numa, Squarcina, Tiengo
Arranged by Bennici, Brunello, Indriolo, Numa, Squarcina, Tiengo
Music and Lyrics © Indriolo, Numa, Brunello

My Band Sax Lyrics

Ah-ah! You’ve never heard a band like this!
Perhaps you’ve heard it, but not for your bliss.
And now you’re excited and you wanna jizz
On the tits of the girl next door!

For sure you want some more:
‘cause our sound is cool like “Mr. Bungle”
and “Faith No More”;
You wanna ask me what I think ‘bout my band:
Everything’s good I don’t see the end…
Ehi! Just one more thing to say…

RIT. (x2) Everything you need to know about my band is:
My Band Sax!

Yes, we got a new style, we cannot fail, we make you smile!
Ah ah ah ah!
360 degrees of groove,
nobody snooze we’re gonna make ya move;
Uh uh uh uh!

We’re six musicians comin’ out from six different ways,
Playing strong until the end of our days,
Ehi, what more can I say?
I don’t mind: everything’s ok!
Suck my cook!

RIT. (x4)


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From 2017, Publishing by Ossigeno Srl.