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Everything That I’ve Learned [Unplugged]

◔ 2:54

Original song ISWC: T-914.312.186-2

Concept by Numa, Squarcina
Arranged by Numa, Squarcina
Music and Lyrics © Indriolo, Numa


I’ve learned,
that the love we feel could be the worst enemy.
I’ve learned,
maybe fear is the only thing makes you live.
I’ve learned,
nobody gives you nothing until first he receives.
I’ve learned,
nobody will buy my CDs…
ma Notturno Metal si!

[Ch. x 2
Everything that I’ve learned.]

Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone
All in all you’re just another brick in the…

I’ve learned,
each mistake I made will be always with me.
But I know,
if I learn from that mistake, I will become free.
I’ve learned,
nobody gives you nothing… but I don’t wanna repeat
I’ve learned,
this song and the CDs “shuby duby duby, da dun no, bi duby dabba dubbi no!”

Everything that I’ve learned… you can leave your hat on!
… this could be paradise!
… finalmente non c’è il solo! Invece si!
… another brick in the wall!

Everything that I’ve learned,
in a “Long Train Running” style, we must change the lyrics
‘cause we can’t pay the copyright!

‘Cause I’ve learned.
I’ve learned!