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Drink Wine = Ass Flames

◔ 4:29

ISWC: T-920.298.521-5

Concept by Tiengo
Arranged by BenniciIndriolo, Numa, SquarcinaTiengo, Valentini
Music and Lyrics © Indriolo, Numa


When you drink a lot of
wine you think everything’s right…
but soon you’ll realize.

Something’s burning inside-
-outside your ass and believe
us you won’t feeling fine.


I can bet that now you’re
suffering ‘cause your honour
and your hole are very stretched.

Sorry but red wine has no mercy:
now you cannot take another step.

[Ch.: This chorus got no sense and it’s so ‘80s.
We could change these lyrics once or twice!
But I know…
anyway this chours’ really really nice!]

Well my friend you’d better
drink some water
to refresh your body and soul.
Now you’ve realized that… (x3)
… your ass is on fire baby!



Drink wine = Ass Flames!

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