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My Review Sax

◔ 4:09

ISWC: T-920.298.518-0

Concept by Squarcina
Arranged by BenniciIndriolo, Numa, SquarcinaTiengo, Valentini
Music and Lyrics © Indriolo, Numa


Late at night I find myself again
workin’ in front of the PC screen.
And the more I check my mail,
the more my heart breakes,
I got my own spleen:
There’s someone,
not even able to write,
he says he’s got my cd and he wanna die…
Fueling my hate,
he does not understand…

he writes we really suck:
me and my band!

[Ch.: Before writin’ your review on us try to understand, motherfucker!
Listen something new, open your mind!]

Then I control his own FB profile:
he plays in a band with no original style!
I listen to some tracks and then… I smile!
Probably they’ve got some issues of envy:
they really cannot play… almost… well… uhm… how can I say?

… Just try!

[Ch. x2]

So what you think… We really suck… And you will say: “Bleah!”
Next cd… Will be worst… And you will say: “Bleah!”

[Ch. x2]

Publishing by Ossigeno Srl.