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◔ 5:25

ISWC: T-920.298.498-3

Concept by SquarcinaTiengo
Arranged by BenniciIndriolo, Numa, SquarcinaTiengo, Valentini
Music and Lyrics © Indriolo, Numa


Uhm… yesterday the meaning of my life
was to be crazy ‘bout the unconventional sex
Everyday… handcuffs in my bag
The leather masks and whips always in the head
A boot and a foot walkin’ on my face
A banana in a ass, sex’s blessed!
My favourite drink: yellow like the lemonade
But no lemons have been hurt during the makin’ of it
… golden shower!

[Ch. x2: Slave, you can’t complain, I’m in pain
I wanna kiss you on a cheek!
Slave, in my refrain, I’m plain “Sadomasokissme”]

I know: all can change, now my life is dedicated
To purify myself and with you make the same
So, my special friend, can you understand?
Our relationship be trivial ‘till the end…
I want just a kiss, a little kiss on a cheek
This is the most extreme experience
Now, my handcuffs and my leather masks
and my whips and your boots are closed in a cage
… just kiss me…

[Ch. x2]

Golden shower!
Just kiss me!

Sadomasokissme per brindare a un incontro,
Sadomasokissme anche dopo un incontro,
Con te partirò…

[Ch. x2]

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