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Your Mother is My Father

◔ 4:21

ISWC: T-920.298.500-0

Concept by Tiengo
Arranged by BenniciIndriolo, Numa, SquarcinaTiengo, Valentini
Music and Lyrics © Indriolo, Numa


Jesus Christ!
It was pissing while it was standing up like a man;
But it was also a woman:
It had the face of your father with the face of my mother together…
I will remember it forever!

It got mustaches, long hair, big breast, a lot of muscles,
flaming testicles and flaming tentacles…
And it spoke to me like…

[Ch.: Your mother is my father
uoh uoh uoh
An alien
uoh uoh uoh
… someone’s uncle!]

It was a creature from the outer space
I was afraid, I was amazed
I was there, I was here…
Trying to escape and disappear
And it spoke to me like…


The moon is the same moon above you…
The moon is the same moon above you…

Father, Mother… your mother is my father…
Father, Mother… Y.M.I.M.F. …


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